What to do about Christmas Social Media Misinformation

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Social Media at Christmas a game for us all to play  

We are all really subjected too and are affected by the pervasive and omnipresent. Social Media, Una Mullally in the Irish Times shows away to get a proper perspective on your digital world with a fascinating family game which could become the new Monopoly, a little enlightenment to your kith and kins strategies and secret ambitions, remember the game Monopoly is rarely won by anybody who does not have staying power and a little inside knowledge.

By Una Mullally:

“A helpful exercise with family is swapping Facebook feeds

For a moment, by showing a family member what you’re seeing versus what others are seeing. We can often be fooled into thinking that our social media feeds are everyone’s, but of course, they are tailored to us based on our own online behaviour; who we follow, what we click on, and what we share with others. So what are your parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins seeing on their Facebook feeds?

What is their lens on the world? Chat about what everyone is seeing on their own social media, and what you think this says about what kind of information is being filtered or pointed in your direction.”

Remember that algorithms are constantly steering you online. They are constantly laying out tracks in various directions in front of you, the train, the “user”. The maxim that the socially polite should never talk about religion, politics or money is of course wrong. The more we talk about these […]

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