Forbes A-Z Christmas Gift ideas

Forbes A-Z Christmas Gift ideas

The one and only Forbes Magazine Christmas list for the well-heeled 

Their A-Z  compilation for the more discerning & prosperous amongst us  includes everything from a set of Golf clubs by Bentley as in the luxury car maker starting at $1000 just for the BD1 DRIVER to a set of dumbells by Louis Vuitton at $2650 and  along the way showcasing coffee machines that look like its from a laboratory,and includes simple gifts like a pen though of course it will be a Montblanc naturally,well worth your perusal if you are not on Santa’s Naughty List.

While you’re making that list —and checking it twice—here are lots of ideas that are awfully nice. From artistic jewelry to sneakers by Yeezy, there are plenty of gifts to make giving easy. So just choose a letter and don’t think of stopping, and before you know it, […]

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Motorbikes, Bang & Olufsen’s futuristic looks like the moon speakers, air purifiers to a subscription to an upmarket Harry Potter fansite, every wish or desire can be satisfied, just a thought if I am on anybody’s Secret Santa list and you are not sure what to buy, the Yacht-Master 42 by Rolex ($27,800). would be really appreciated

Merry Christmas indeed!