Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas Advanced Prep Timesaver

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[Music] the best way to make cooking easier and less stressful on Christmas Day is to
get organized and prepare as much as possible in advance leaving you more time to spend with your family making a
stunning pork apricot and pistachio stuffing the day before is a great way to get ahead it’s easy to do looks a
million dollars and tastes absolutely delicious Christmas dinner for me is not about food piled high on a plate less is
more I’d rather have five or six things on a play that taste absolutely delicious
then ten items tasting average stuffing for instance I’d much rather put a lot more effort into the stuffing and enjoy
it but eat a lot less of it first and pork mince to the bowl season with salt and pepper and mix take your grater
and a braver doubtful just get the grater and grate the apple in there usually stuffing is cooked in the turkey
but I’m doing mine separately so I can make in advance and get the flavor and presentation spot-on now the nice thing
about the Apple it goes pretty well with the pork makes it a little bit sweeter it also makes it a lot lighter as well
which is really important next add a handful of chopped apricots which gives the stuffing another fruity
note and a lovely texture the apple disintegrates but the apricots stay really nice intact
nice little bite then chop a handful of pistachio nuts again I’m thinking on the build up of textures flavor and also
color pistachios in now give it a really good mix grating some lemon zest the zest is
packed full of intensely flavored essential oils which gives the stuffing a vibrant citrus thing
[Music] and for freshness at a handful of coarsely chopped parsley the balance of
flavors is nice and delicate and it sits beautifully with a turkey now sage and pork and apple that’s the perfect
marriage now I’m going to think about the presentation skills Tim for a little drizzle of olive oil and then we got a
real nice fragrant sage leaves the stage leaves are used to wrap the stuffing start by overlapping them
it’s almost like rolling a cigar but we’re gonna roll it and sage leaves taste is paramount but presentation is
really important to says we’re spending a few extra minutes to get this right because it will make the final dish look
amazing now a little seasoned across the top and then take your sausage mate I don’t want to do now let’s put half it
onto the plate [Music] will you run your finger along with
stuffing this is where it takes on a completely different flavor again I need some spice in there I want a little bit
of heat in the stuffing so it’s exciting to eat no gays myrrh gays are traditional North African sausages made
from beef or lamb and all gonna do now they say the sausage and lay that in the middle they’re flavored with harissa a
fiery chili paste which gives them the heat and distinctive color it really does give that nice sort of wake-up call
inside the stuffing if you can’t get hold of myrrh gays other spicy sausages likes fries Oh would work well too I’ll
take the rest of stuffing and we’ll sit there on top so in cases and burgers [Music]
what you go like that lifts up the Tim fall very carefully and roll that over let the temple do the work roll it nice
and tight there fingers underneath just pull that back the double check lovely look at it it’s
not even cut yet and it looks delicious the ultimate Christmas cracker fantastic that sage will cook and really perfume
the sausage meat and you cut through the center got a nice spicy sausage lovely in now roll it across twist at the ends
and then from there up into the hands and you push it in and twist and turn all that’s doing is just making the
perfect cylinder beautiful the stuffing can be made wrapped and stored in the fridge a day or two in advance that’s
the first part of my ultimate Christmas dinner ready on Christmas Day simply pop it into the oven and cook at 200 degrees
for 40 minutes [Music] sources are one of the important ways
shifts an extra dimension and flavor to dishes you can use this trick at home my camera is cranberry and apple sauce is
another recipe I always cook a day in advance it packs a wonderful punch that really lifts the subtle flavor of the
turkey it’s simple to make and with its deep red vibrant color looks fantastic on the plate the secret behind any good
Christmas is in the organization and preparation anything you can get done in advance do it apple and cranberry sauce
is a prime example first things first we’re gonna make a really nice caramel sugar in at 150 grams of caster sugar to
a pan followed by a couple of star anis that helps to really give a nice sort of aniseed flavor to the cranberries next
lightly crushed ball cardamom pods this has a lovely warm spicy sweet flavour and wait for the sugar to melt and form
a caramel gritty important at the conference now to color that caramel still gets really nice and dark before
put the cranberries [Music] Wow smell of that Colonel is amazing
now cranberries in members are very tart and acidic but balanced with the sweetness of the
caramel and apples they give the sauce a lovely dry sharp note to tell if they’re fresh drop them on a hard service the
higher they bounce the fresher they are the secret now is for a caramel to blister the cranberries and really start
to break that down smells fantastic next core peel and thinly sliced two apples unless the sauce is finished it really
just helps to sort of wake up the flavor of the turkey now the cranberries are starting to break down Apple in smells
fantastic a touch of salt and pepper that’s really important really helps to balance that tartness against the
acidity of the apple song pepper really brings it back the smell is fantastic so I sort of sweet sour spicy nice now from
there deglaze the pan with touch a port around the side deglazing dissolves all the
lovely sticky can eyes bits of food that are stuck to the pan and incorporates them into the sauce
next add the zest of an orange and for another layer of fragrant sweetness squeezing the juice lovely
then cook on a low heat for five to ten minutes to thicken but remember the source will become even thicker once
it’s cooled down now that is the right texture I don’t want a runny sauce on something really nice and thick
delicious packed full of flavor perfect if you really want to get ahead this sauce can be made three or four
days in advance and kept in the fridge which allows the flavors to develop even more
[Music] then on Christmas Day simply bring it up to room temperature
and serve another job done leaving you more time to enjoy this very special day [Music]
another golden rule of Christmas is don’t do all the work yourself delegate at home I’m raising my own little
brigade of sous chefs who always willing to help with any recipe that involves chocolate and the possibility of licking
the mixing spoon another thing I always do the day before Christmas is knock up a batch of mint
chocolate truffles there child’s play to make and have a wonderful fresh mint flavor the perfect after-dinner
chocolates right Megan Jack I need some help yeah chocolates mint truffles first things
first you want me to do just get this block of dark chocolate and just break up into small pieces
okay make this for you thank goodness for you mate where’d you get that tie from anti-fur base smart right
mint chocolate truffles the secret here is getting that mint flavor into the chocolate so low missing do get a little
bunch of mint and just lightly bruise it you can flavor the truffles with whatever takes your fancy from fresh
chili which gives it a surprisingly delicious kick to orange zest to a splash of brandy right double cream and
single cream in [Music] the cream makes the truffles wonderfully
soft luscious and rich next add a generous pour of honey which helps to sweeten the dark chocolate
now bring now to the boil another secret is we pour that on top of the chocolate okay so we literally got two minutes to
get this done quick that’s why I need some help yes can you beat this shot with a rolling pin that’s a very good
idea or would it be to school no it was a very good idea because what we can’t afford to do is for the Queen to reduce
of the cream reduces then the consistency of the truffle becomes too hard that’s a very good idea jack you
know now gently with that then what your big sis has got more than one boyfriend Jack what’s her name Emma what you
bought Emma for Christmas don’t tell me Dad yeah a table to daddy’s restaurant next
at 130 grams of softened butter and to give the troubles of glorious richness and Sheen bring over the smaller base
yeah nice good once the cream of milk have come to the boil really smell the mint strain over the broken chocolate
that smells delicious and push that mint flavor through there so every does come out yeah so we just come out see how the
chocolates dissolving and that honey has given a really nice glaze sweetness as well because it’s bitter chocolate
that’s right dark chocolate and then the butter starts to give the chocolate a really nice shine so then what will
actually happen it do that look at that peaceful right that will hit the spoon Spri tongue out right then pour the
chocolate into a container and chill in the fridge for about an hour to firm up Jack I don’t want your fingers in there
let it get nice and firm as the truffle mixture sense prepare the coating so have one for the adults in cocoa powder
yes and one with flight yes no surprise surprise so wait for you hands down so look we
just go like that and twist the flake on to the plate you can coat the truffles and anything you like finely chopped
pistachios or almonds work really well with the mint or to give them a bit of crunch plain brown sugar
[Music] once the truffle mixture is set it’s time to roll out the chocolates make out
oh dear right okay I’m going to show you one first yes sir hands really nicely cold now the secret is in there Wow
manipulate it first like that and then look roll and then quickly bang look nothing all my hands shake off excess
and then just beautiful now in there let’s go call Jack dear hello when you ready be newsy by the time we get one
done it’s trying time drop on there rather place on there making
and I think about making them by hand then all the exact same size yeah handmade chocolate mint truffles Jack
the secret is a truffle is a one-bite wonder not a golf ball have you hurry up because of the ganache starts melting
we’re in trouble I thought you said there wasn’t giving me any chocolate on your hand cuz you’re
slow show me hands Oh jet let me help you here yeah not so not so big round like that like that
yep and then like that and straight in time for your Zico cover this time quick and whilst he’s gone let’s turn these
into pop a little shoulders when the truffles are coated and the kids are cleaned up decorate them with sprigs of
mint so looks nice and we don’t try one oh yeah please okay which wants to go full sake or cocoa flake really taste
the mint debris Testament canon then prise the truffles away from the kids and pop in the fridge ready for Christmas Day,another job done.

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