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As we have been busy all year creating toys and presents for everybody who believes in the Magic of Christmas from our Home & Workshop located here in the North Pole

We are only able to deliver on  Christmas Eve as this is a particularly busy time we have to have a very special arrangement with my old school friend Father Time

Where he allows me as much time as the children are willing to sleep to be able to get my work done.

Mrs. Claus has read through every letter written to us and made notes of all special requests.

Please be sure Children to be in bed early and leave a clear space for me to leave your presents, also it would be nice if you left a mince pie and a small drink for me and some Reindeer food  for the team.

Ho Ho Ho

Father Christmas

Since 1606

A Full Bag of Gifts & Toys  Delighted  & Happy Children Everywhere

Special Request

A wee dram

It is always appreciated if you can leave a small glass of something to help us on our way together with a mince pie and a carrot or two for Rudolph and the team

With Joy and Happiness

Santa Claus


Have a Wonderful Christmas everybody and if you have any special requests or would like to share your Christmas stories, photos or videos send them to elfs@christmasdaynews.com


Mr & Mrs.Claus ‘The Grotto’  North Pole 2nd Island past the North Star


(000) 24/25-2019

Open Every Christmas Eve Only 

Tues – :  12.00pm – 12am
Fri: Resting
Sat:  Golf
Sun Fishing

This is the latest renewable energy sleigh as you know reindeers only eat organic food and when they need a rest I use this rechargeable Eco-Sled not available @Amazon yet